Press release

Press release

Prague, April 16, 2012- Let's join forces and make our children happy. Thanks to unique project Charitky there is a way opened to all. Charitky is here for Giving forward...

What do you think about connecting a promotional item and help for children? Can such a partnership work? We say, yes! Charitky is the proof. The project, which was created to support the development, education and social behavior of children, is unique in that it appeals to companies and their corporate social responsibility. For companies, it brings a unique way of visibility, but also, in the public eye, it is building them a good reputation.

"Everyone has his or her dreams. I am convinced that even big dreams can be realized, provided that you live and believe in that dream, wholeheartedly. This is how project Charitky was born - a project, which is trying to influence the future, in the most natural way - through our children," says Miriam Janyšková, director of the project.

Charitky will bring the necessary funding to children: 10% of the price of this original promotional item is donated to projects that support development, education and social behavior of children. Company itself chooses, which project wants to financially support. "Thanks to the Charitky project you can help all children - healthy, socially disadvantaged, handicapped and sick! We each relevant project, concrete children purposefully seek out and then recommend to the companies," says Miriam Janyšková with conviction.

Charitky, as refreshing mints, inherently belongs in your pocket, handbag or car. "We guarantee that it will not end in the trash," assures Miriam Janyšková with a smile. The unique patented packaging also bears any advertising or business message across more than one page of A5 format. Repeated opening and viewing information by customer certainly increases awareness of the advertised brand.

Charitky is here to allow companies to be socially responsible in the easiest way.

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