Charitky helped Daniel to integrate in daily life

Charitky helped Daniel to integrate in daily life

Every mother loves her child. First of all, she prepares for the delivery. Once the baby is born, every day is unique for her. She observes really closely how her little one grows, how it developes, every smile carresses her deeply.

A similar story also experienced a mother of little Daniel. Daniel was born absolutely healthy. The delivery was without complications. Everything went better than expected until the Daniel’s 6th month when Daniel`s mother took notice, that there was something wrong with him. Therefore, they visited specialized medical centre, where a doctor told her that Daniel suffered from cerebral palsy. CP- these two letters, in a single moment, completely changed the family life forever.

Suddenly, everyone realised that Daniel would never be perfectly fine. This handicap- not to move as well as other children- will limit him for the rest of his life.

At the beginning, Daniel’s mother brought him along everywhere, so that little Daniel could enjoy his life and not to think about his differences. First of all, she carried him in her arms or put him in a pram. However, Daniel grew up and the normal pram for kids was suddenly not enough. There arose a necessity for a special stroller for handicapped children which immediately became an essential daily requirement for his transportation to friends, school and doctors.

The stroller for handicapped children costs 36,754 CZK. The health insurance provided 29.332,-CZK of the total sum of money. That means, there was needed 7,422 CZK to buying it.

But how could we obtain this amount of money? This question had to be solved by mother. Since she is single parent and her financial situation did not allow providing such a large amount of money from her own resources, she asked for help a charitable association Dobrý skutek.

In addition, a published request for help Daniel got noticed by a company ACNielsen Czech Republic, s.r.o., which decided to donate Daniel 3,320 CZK. This sum of money was equal to 10 percent of the total price of the original promotional item Charitky, which the company ACNielsen Czech Republic used for its own personalized business message.

Moreover, the company was so keen on the Charitky project, that they offered to Charitky the participation of the charitable foundation Dobrý skutek on the “Global Impact Day”, which was organized by the company itself. During the socially responsible day was collected the remaining amount of money (4,112 CZK) for buying the medical stroller thanks to employees and the company ACNielsen Czech Republic.

Thus Charitky and ACNielsen Czech Republic helped little Daniel to integrate into daily life. Furthermore, Daniel can look forward to an immense number of new and unrecognized places, which he, together with his mother, could visit in his new stroller.

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